You are single and want to meet someone, but you do not want a serious relationship and you tend to bet everything on plastic? Tinder for PC is perhaps for you.

tinder dating

Tinder for PC is a desktop application that is gaining popularity among 18-34 years and has a reputation for serving to be quickly done, well done, modern friends (also called friends with benefits).

Tinder is a great tool to find a perfect match and to meet new people near you for serious relationships, also you can use it mostly for recreational purposes.

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Tinder for PC, makes it easy to meet people online:

Tinder PC reputation comes from its simple formula that places physical appearance in the heart of its program of meetings. Tinder “match” indeed its users based on their mutual appreciation of their little faces.

It works like this: you sign up from your Facebook profile, you put a picture of yourself online, and now we present to you photos of other users who are nearby (you can adjust the settings to define the radius and age of candidates). If you like what you see, you approve, if you pass your turn. Secondly, you are in contact with people who have, too, liked your photo and that are nearby.

Tinder: an application that could revolutionize online encounters .

Tinder for PC, what is it?

In two words: the Tinder for PC version of the  dating application that allows you to find the simplest way hot singles around you, and you can use it now from your computer or web browser.

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How Tinder dating site works?

You register through Facebook, set your location, the scope in which to socialize (0 to 160km), sex and age group of the person you want, and off you go!

The application then submits you pictures of men or women that match the selected criteria. The principle is simple, if the person please, click the green heart, otherwise the red cross. When you see the different profiles, you also have the option of whether you have interests or mutual friends on Facebook.

If you clicked on the green heart, and the candidate also will have a “match”. The application then allows you to chat.
Tinder is serious or not?Tinder dating site


Applying a real success and seems largely seduce 25-35. However, the principle of selection by picture (not by affinity) asks the question: Are the meetings really serious? The brand refuses to disclose any figures concerning the results of its application. Anyway, we like the light has Tinder way to approach dating! And if you do not look for love, you can always chat and make new friends!

Tinder Features:

The +: the simple principle allows to approach the dating entertaining way, registration is very fast (no food or its form detailing her favorite movie to fill).
The -: Difficult to have a fluid conversation without wifi. We would also be connected for a little more incognito, for example by blocking access to our profile to our Facebook friends.

Creating your profile on Tinder for PC:

For Tinder dating, the most important element is the photo and the rest is superfluous. The principle is very simple: a large picture, a location, a name, common friends (the site only works with Facebook Connect) and if you want interest. If you like the photo of one or a contender and the person does the same then one is related.

Tinder dating

Tinder is a Fun way to date online:

Tinder, this is not a serious site like Match or OkCupid is much more fun and easier! Its user experience is similar to that of Match App in the sense that it is like a game in more than a dating site.

However, Tinder scores points thanks to its streamlined user interface. It is so simple that one passes from one profile to another for hours and we staring at the phone screen to not miss notifications. In short, you become addicted to It.

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